Covid-19 Precautions

Latest update: July 2022

Health and Safety Guidance

There are no legal restrictions for Covid, but it hasn't gone away. We advise a few sensible precautions.
  1. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, and especially a positive test, please stay away and come back when you are better! (do we really need to say this?)
  2. The windows will be open as usual (bring a coat in winter!)
  3. We will take temperatures, digitally, at the door. It could be a symptom - see below.
  4. Avoid getting in a crowded huddle, epecially in the kitchen which is a small space. Get your tea and coffee any time, not everybody at once in the interval!


  1. There is currently no information to suggest that symptoms associated with Omicron are different from those from other variants.
  2. The most effective steps individuals can take to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus is to keep a physical distance of at least 1 metre from others; wear a well-fitting mask; open windows to improve ventilation; avoid poorly ventilated or crowded spaces [i.e. our kitchen!]; keep hands clean; cough or sneeze into a bent elbow or tissue [.....].